Wednesday, July 22, 2009


In Düsseldorf the "Kirmes" are one of the most important events of the year and the most important of the summer. Yesterday I went with Maria, Sven and Thomas on a photographic tour.

The weather forecast was good, according to our own weatherman. But just when we arrived the clouds started to look a bit darker than desired and a few drops fell.

Then the sky really got dark and started to RAIN. But in a small break I managed to get a couple of nice images.

After the storm we managed to walk for a while and capture the light and spirit of the "Kirmes".

Then, the sky started to darken again and we decided it was time to go home. Of course, on the way I kept shooting. Luckily the storm just passed north of us and we didn't get wet.

I just made a quick edit and I have not edited much the pictures because I am short of time today. It is late and I have to prepare the bag for a shooting with Anna tomorrow.

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