Wednesday, August 03, 2011


Today I was looking through the thousands of photos from this year that still need deleting/sorting/processing and I found this guy just staring at me. Since he looks like a nice guy, and it is my favourite animal, I decided to give him his minute of fame in the blog.

The photo is taken at the Zoo in Krefeld, unfortunately I did not manage to see any wild ones in Africa. The difficult task was to get him to look at me. I think this is the only picture where he really looks directly into the camera, out of a few hundreds.

Luckily he found that Diego was just the perfect size for a healthy meal and became really interested. He came close enough for a good portrait and stayed there, 2 meters away from us, for a while.

P.S: Maybe it is a gal and not a guy, if somebody has more accurate information just drop a comment.