Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lighting the way

On Sunday, Sven invited me along with another photographer friends to a flashy session at his studio. It was mostly fun but we managed try a couple of light scenarios and made a few portraits.

Here are three of mine:




I still have quite a few pictures from the as vacations in Spain to processb but time seems to be scarce lately.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Slowing down

A while ago I bought a 10 stops ND filter. I hadn't have a chance to use it until recently. It is a good way to slow down: take your time to compose, focus, measure the light, check the composition again, put the filter on, look what has moved into the frame, check what will come in, shoot manual compensating the 10 stops loss, check the picture and start all over again.

In this digital era of machingegun shooting it allows you to relax a bit and think more all the picture details. Just like when shooting film.

The following picture is the first result of the experiment. There are some lines caused by a couple of ships coming into the frame during the 20 second exposure at mid day.

I will need to practice with some waves at the coast during the next weeks. Which also will explain why the blogging will slow down. I am going on vacations for 2 weeks. I will try to post something along the way but I don't know if I will manage to process any new photos. What I am sure is that I will bring lots of new material to show.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Self portraits

My Spanish ID has expired and I need a portrait for the new one. So, yeterday I set up the "studio" and took some pictures of myself. After getting some formal ones for the ID, which I have to repeat today because they are all out of focus, I started to play a bit :-D

Thursday, June 04, 2009


As promissed here are the skaters. We found them at the Rhein after our Jazz Rally shooting. The light was perfect as the sun was setting and we had a good fun shooting.

We have to come back with a bit more time and try something more, maybe with some flashes and reflectors.

Here is one of Sven in the making off.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Jazz Rally II

So here is the promised second part. After yesterdays Rock & Roll it is time for a bit of more relaxed Jazz.

She had a great voice and a beautiful face.

Closing in:

I have always loved to take photos of musical instruments:

And, of course, when you go out shooting in group you always have to shoot the others. So, here they are:

Thomas, hiding behind Sven's camera:

Sven, not hiding at all:

Sandra and Sven, I guess I need to see the picture that Sandra made.

Sven has put also some pictures in his blog. Check out how cool my sunglases are.

And tomorrow.... roller blades & roller skates.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Jazz Rally I

Yesterday I went out shooting with a couple of friends to the Jazz Rally in Düsseldorf. It was lots of fun to shoot. Here is a first drop of the outcome.

More to come, so stay tuned.

A new light - a new shadow

After reading some other people's blogs I have decided to start mine again. The thing that took longest was to find it, I had not written anything in such a long time that I had forgotten what the address was.

I have decided to write it in English so more people can follow. Now the question is if somebody will be interested in what I have to say and will take the time to read it.

My intention is to write more or less periodically and show what are the latest developments around my photography. I know that I will not write daily and it will be a struggle to juggle with family, work, friends, photography and other issues to get enoght time free to write. I will do my best.

I hope that you will enjoy the blog. Please leave a comment if you do!