Thursday, July 23, 2009


I took some pictures of Anna last year, mainly portraits with a simple black background. Today we have tried something different. I wanted to do some enviromental portraits kind of fashion style using her room as set. I must say it is much more difficult than using a plain background. I will need to practice much more at it. Anyway it was quite fun.

Although I had a couple of flashes with me I just used natural light and a reflector, which gave us great light.

I have not been able to check al the photos yet but I have seen some nice ones. Here is a quick pick as starter. Stay tunned for more in the next days.

Anna & Bruno

On the blog's technical side, I was not satisfied with how blurry the photos appeared. I have found out that it was a problem of the browsers resampling them to fit the size. I have edited the html code and now the photos are sharp as they should. I hope you will enjoy them much more now.

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