Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy new year!!

Another year gone by and the shutter count passed the 25ooo mark. I took way too many pictures last year but, at the same time, I had tons of fun. The passion for photography is alive and kicking hard, the available time on the other hand is quite limited.

Thinking back I remember great moments shooting with friends; peaceful moments just watching the light; the tension of getting the shot during some assignments; the fun of trying new toys; the discovery of learning new things and many many more.

The tradition says it is mandatory to make new years resolutions. So here are my photo related ones:

- To learn more, specially about light.
- To take more risks, in composing and lighting.
- To share more, on the blog and in the web.

To wrap up here is one photo taken during the Christmas vacation and that is probably my favourite of the year, or one of them at least. It was taken in the Albufera in Valencia, Spain. It is a magical place to watch the sunrise and sunset, although I have never managed to wake up for sunrise.

As with many of the touristic and famous places it is packed with photographers, which is not bad. But I was surprised to say the least. There are many possible shots in just one place, you just need to walk 30 meters. But the people came, set their tripods, put their wide angles, their filters and started firing away. They stayed 20 minutes in the same position and then they left.

I will make a blog entry with the shots of the day soon but until then enjoy the picture and imagine a calm sunset, with no wind, 16 degrees, a beautifull light and your favourite music.

Click on the picture to see it bigger, it gains a lot.

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Sven said...

Very beautiful picture. Good to read from you!