Thursday, October 07, 2010


I haven't posted anything in quite a while, too long in fact, but it does not mean I have not been shooting. I have done quite a few interesting shootings lately and I hope to be able to post some soon. Meanwhile here are some pictures I took 2 weeks ago in Laredo at a medieval fest.

I have always been fascinated by fire it makes a great element to capture, creating amazing forms and colours. In this case there was the additional challenge of capturing the action which lasted no more than a couple of seconds each time. To make it even more difficult the amount of light changes drastically as the fire grows or diminishes.

I set the camera on Av, 8 frames per second burst mode and fired away. In the end I am quite happy with the results. They are not as spectacular as the one I managed last year (where the fire formed the shape of a horse) but still quite good.

I would not mind repeating this kind of shot again, so if you know somebody in the Düsseldorf region or surroundings it would be great to organize something.

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