Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big fish

I haven't had any time to shoot new material and I have a huge backlog. Here are some pics of the big fish we saw during our diving safari at the Red Sea. We were a bit unlucky because the water was too warm and there was no current, which means that the big fish do not come to the surface. But we managed to see a couple of interesting ones.

Flash at full power to darken the background and a lot of try an error until I got it in the right place and with the right light.


Hammerhead close up.
The photo is not sharp and technically quite bad. But it was a great experience. 45m deep and 2m away from this nice guy, just amazing.

Almost on the surface this guy was getting a nice clean up. It still needs some editing to improve the B&W but I wanted to share it.

Oceanic Whitetip Shark
I saw it on the last dive of the trip as I was hanging on the rope for the safety stop. It just swam by, magestic. This guy is one of the few sharks that sometimes, mainly by mistake, kill people.

I think I will do one more post from the underwater pictures, I have some nice ones left from the smaller fish. Stay tuned...

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