Thursday, December 03, 2009

Postcards from the deep

I am still sorting the photos from the Red sea, it is hard to pick the less bad ones from the rest. I do not dive enough to get the experience needed for underwater photography and although the G10 is a great little camera it is a bit limited when the light drops (excuses, the problem is just the photographer)

Anyway I think I am happy with some of the results. Here is a first batch to see what you think. All of them are taken with available light, no flash. That means that you get to see the place as I saw it. The amazing colors will come next. The biggest dificulty in this kind of photos, at least for me, was to move as little as possible. The light levels are too low and I tried to keep the ISO at reasonable levels (that is around 1600 or the highest the camera can give to get speeds that I could handhold) Another reason for not moving is that you don't want to shake all the sand from the bottom or you won't make any more pictures in that place.

Well, after so much boring text here are the pictures I hope you like them :-D

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