Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pazo de Oca

Galicia is a region full of "Pazos", big stone houses from the old Landlords. Some of them are converted into small hotels and can be visited now. We went to the one in the small village Oca and I decided to try the infrared filter and I am quite satisfied of the outcome.

Taking IR photos means that you need to use the tripod, compose, put the filter, take a test picture, correct the exposure, try again.... Luckily the 40D can autofocus with the filter on, since IR focuses at a different point as visible light. Another good way is to use live-view with a 10x factor and focus manually.

All this implies that you need time and a bit of peace which is not easy to get with 2 kids around. So this was the only time in the 2 months that I managed to take any IR pictures. I hope you like them.

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