Saturday, September 12, 2009


Today I had to test my birthday present so we went diving. The sea was quite rough and we got seasick on the way to the dive spot. The water was quite dirty and we could not see much, we had about 5 meter visibility. I didn´t take too many pictures, mainly because we did not see anything interesting, but I am quite happy with the results. I got used quickly to the external flash (Intova ISS 2000) and the G10 was perfect for the job. Next week we will try again and see if the conditions are better. I am really looking for the trip to the Red Sea in October. Until then I hope you like this ones.


More coral

One of the few fishes we saw today, here you can see how much dirt was floating around.

This one was around 5 cm long

My favourite Mermaid

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at the edge said...

You take your pictures for granted. When I first saw them, by accident, I found them stunning.

Also quite blatant is the lack of appreciation to The Creator Who embedded this universe with such fantastic beauty. There is no mention of Him, despite what He offers you every time you take a dive.

How much more beautiful must it be before you acknowledge and are grateful?